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08 April 2021

2021: A new dawn for the climate economy

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the climate change agenda and 2021 could prove to be a line in the sand for the green economy. Orbian's CEO Tom Dunn and Climate &...

31 March 2021

Commodity finance report: Global deal volume drops by nearly half

Overall volumes of global commodity trade financing fell by almost 50% according to the full-year 2020 TXF Commodity Finance report. Max Thompson reviews this significant...

23 March 2021
Telecoms and Communications

Smile Telecoms: ECA-DFI lenders face wipeout as liquidation looms

South Africa’s Public Investment Corporation is threatening to derail Smile Telecoms restructuring plan, potentially pushing the ailing pan-African telecom company into...

16 March 2021

TCFD: Too complex for delivery in export finance?

The Global Export Finance Industry Report 2021 found that export finance banks (59%), ECAs (59%), and buyers (54%) were most likely to have some knowledge of Task Force...

10 March 2021

Guest opinion: Supply chain finance – reputation in tatters? Deserved or just deflection?

Supply chain finance and particularly payables finance is back in the spotlight after the news flow on Greensill. Is this the death knell for the product or is it a case...

09 March 2021
Agri/Soft Commodities, Infrastructure, Metals and Mining, Transport

Greensill: What we know - and what we don’t

TXF takes a first look at the great imponderables that have been raised by the fomenting Greensill Capital saga. What do and don’t we know, what are we only able to...

09 March 2021

The fall of Greensill Capital: Lessons learned from a credit insurance perspective

Robert Deeley, managing director at PolFin, a specialist credit and political risk insurance broker, takes a closer look at the lessons industry practitioners can learn...

03 March 2021

Africa: ECAs support headline acts on project finance stage

ECAs upped their support for big-ticket project financings in Africa last year. And there is room for significant export finance growth with a pipeline of projects set to...

25 February 2021

ECAs and the once elusive SME: Hunting the Snark?

What has Covid meant for ECAs and their ability to attract smaller companies? How are ECAs responding to the needs of these new clients and how are they broadening their...

23 February 2021

The complexities of CIRR revealed

TXF Research’s Global Export Finance Industry Report 2021 shows that 42% of the ECAs surveyed have unlimited access to CIRR and that 30% plan to increase their direct...

22 February 2021
Telecoms and Communications

Smile Telecoms: Debt restructuring in the balance

Smile Telecoms is awaiting one lender’s vote in support of its ECA debt restructuring plan, alongside creditors approval for $51 million of new money from shareholders....

11 February 2021
Telecoms and Communications

Smile Telecoms: Lenders grimace as debt restructuring begins

Smile Telecoms is looking to restructure its DFI/ECA-backed debt package from 2015. But the pan-Afircan telecoms group, which is no stranger to ECA debt, was struggling...

10 February 2021

UK-EU TCA: The Brexit divorce papers continued

The signing of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) marks the first major deal for the UK with a regional trade bloc since its withdrawal from the European...

29 January 2021

The growing role of EXIM Hungary

TXF spoke to Gergely Jakli, CEO and chairman of the board of directors at EXIM Hungary, to outline the increasing range of ECA activities in the Covid era, like the...

26 January 2021
Infrastructure, Power, Transport

Shop talk: EXIM Hungary ups activity in Central Asia

TXF spoke with Robert Griljov, director of business operations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia at EXIM Hungary, to outline the role state intervention and foreign...

20 January 2021
Power, Renewables, Transport

The race to accelerate the energy transition

The coronavirus pandemic has shone a spotlight on many things. But most importantly, the stronger focus on the energy transition from governments, financiers, and project...

12 January 2021
Oil & gas

GNA II: Brazil’s private sector promise

The GNA II LNG-to-power project and its sole financier - BNDES - promised to incubate private sector investment in large-scale project financings in Brazil. However, the...

21 December 2020
Infrastructure, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Transport

Export finance: 2020 year-end review

Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) have proved robust amid the economic bulldozer that is the Covid-19 pandemic, and the product has never been in greater use with...

21 December 2020
Infrastructure, Power, Transport

A small ECA with big plans

While EXIM Hungary is not one of the largest ECAs globally in terms of portfolio size or capital capacity, the Hungarian ECA makes up for its lack of size with its...

09 December 2020
Infrastructure, Transport

Shop talk: HEXIM - A one-stop-shop kind of ECA

TXF sat down with Gergely Jakli, CEO and chairman of the board of directors at HEXIM, and Nikita Gusakov, CEO at EXIAR, to outline a landmark financing closed with...