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29 January 2021

The growing role of EXIM Hungary

TXF spoke to Gergely Jakli, CEO and chairman of the board of directors at EXIM Hungary, to outline the increasing range of ECA activities in the Covid era, like the...

26 January 2021
Infrastructure, Power, Transport

Shop talk: EXIM Hungary ups activity in Central Asia

TXF spoke with Robert Griljov, director of business operations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia at EXIM Hungary, to outline the role state intervention and foreign...

20 January 2021
Power, Renewables, Transport

The race to accelerate the energy transition

The coronavirus pandemic has shone a spotlight on many things. But most importantly, the stronger focus on the energy transition from governments, financiers, and project...

12 January 2021
Oil & gas

GNA II: Brazil’s private sector promise

The GNA II LNG-to-power project and its sole financier - BNDES - promised to incubate private sector investment in large-scale project financings in Brazil. However, the...

21 December 2020
Infrastructure, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Transport

Export finance: 2020 year-end review

Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) have proved robust amid the economic bulldozer that is the Covid-19 pandemic, and the product has never been in greater use with...

21 December 2020
Infrastructure, Power, Transport

A small ECA with big plans

While EXIM Hungary is not one of the largest ECAs globally in terms of portfolio size or capital capacity, the Hungarian ECA makes up for its lack of size with its...

09 December 2020
Infrastructure, Transport

Shop talk: HEXIM - A one-stop-shop kind of ECA

TXF sat down with Gergely Jakli, CEO and chairman of the board of directors at HEXIM, and Nikita Gusakov, CEO at EXIAR, to outline a landmark financing closed with...

04 December 2020

TXF's Global Trade 2020 report is here

TXF's Global Trade Virtual event - which will kick-off from 8-10 December - will be complemented by a bespoke report that delves into the most pertinent trends facing the...

01 December 2020

Exclusive: ICC rolls out ambitious new export finance sustainability initiative

The ICC Global Export Finance Committee’s Sustainability Working Group is out to market with an ambitious initiative: to engage the export finance community in a...

17 November 2020

Changhua 1: Another step forward in Taiwan's offshore wind evolution

With Orsted’s potential equity partners in its Changhua 1 offshore wind project wanting to eye loan agreements before debt signing, the project financing is nearing...

12 November 2020
Oil & gas, Power

Trade finance: oiling the wheels of global trade

Trade finance has many challenges to overcome and the sector knows where it needs to target with this overhaul. Tackling these areas to improve the trade climate will not...

04 November 2020

Tune into TXF Global Commodity Finance 2020

TXF’s Global Commodity Finance conference 2020 has kicked off via our brand new networking-first virtual platform from 4-6 November.

27 October 2020
Infrastructure, Transport

A49: A question of roads support

The recent A49 road PPP concession financing is the third of Germany's new generation availability-based road schemes to close. All three have been heavily backed by the...

21 October 2020

TXF World Fair: Pricing up, export volumes down

The TXF World Fair, our blockbuster virtual export finance event, has provided the ECA community with a new platform to discuss the most prevalent market trends, network...

07 October 2020

FEX and MENA: Passing on knowledge and sustainability

The younger generation of the export finance community is yet to hold the keys to the ECA manor. And with much of the knowledge and talent in the industry (and deal...

04 October 2020

Keynote: HEXIM - A one-stop-shop kind of ECA

TXF spoke with Gergely Jakli, CEO and chairman of the board of directors at HEXIM, to outline the landmark features of the Hungarian ECA's Egyptian National Railways...

30 September 2020

Export finance rises bravely to the challenges

ECAs and export finance activity have been paramount to global trade and project success so far throughout the pandemic. Discussion on the key themes, topics, trends and...

16 September 2020
Metals and Mining

Oyu Tolgoi furthers funding pit

Rio Tinto via its ownership of Turquoise Hill Resources has finally inked an agreement for the additional financing of the long-dated Oyu Tolgoi mining project in...

02 September 2020

Export finance report H1 2020: Volumes remain high despite crisis

Overall volumes of global export finance fell by roughly $7 billion compared to H1 2019 according to the TXF H1 2020 Export Finance report. However, the drop in volume is...

26 August 2020
Infrastructure, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Other, Power, Transport, Waste and water

Africa: Export finance, PRI and life after Covid

TXF is joined by Melanie Lawrence of Afreximbank, Gabriel Buck of GKB Ventures and Chris Mitman of Investec to discuss the challenges faced in providing export finance to...