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17 January 2023

Trade Finance TV: Asia’s journey to net zero

As Asia transitions away from fossil fuels and ramps up clean energy infrastructure, what does this mean for trade and project finance? Where are we seeing innovation in...

06 December 2022

Trade finance gets new rules for electronic payment obligations

The International Trade and Forfaiting Association (ITFA) has unveiled a new set of industry rules that cover the transfer of electronic payment obligations, which can be...

04 October 2022

Trade Finance TV: Trade finance and investors

In this episode of Trade Finance TV, we take a closer look at the different types of investors – ranging from private wealth managers to corporate treasurers and pension...

10 August 2022

TXF APAC: Rebranding Commodity Finance and Natural Resources

With only five weeks to go until TXF APAC: Commodity Finance and Natural Resources in Singapore, here’s some of the highlights that attendees can look forward to, and why...

03 August 2022

Rebuild or abandon? Are project finance deals adequately covered for political violence?

Within the area of political violence insurance, the concepts of terrorism and war are widely discussed, but often poorly understood. Zoe Towndrow, practice lead,...

18 May 2022

PSF: IsDB’s private sector bonanza

On 2-4 June, the IsDB Group’s Private Sector Forum 2022 in Egypt will gather key industry players to discuss what opportunities and financial solutions private sector...

20 April 2022
Renewables, Transport

TXF Global Commodity Finance 2022: It’s a gas

To celebrate the launch of the events platform, and the fact we are three weeks out from TXF Global Commodity Finance 2022, TXF’s Aife Howse gets the inside scoop from...

19 April 2022

TXF Global Commodities 2022: Commodity prices and geopolitics

Kicking off the launch of the TXF Global Commodities 2022 events platform, TXF's Aife Howse speaks to Melinda Moore, CEO of Clean Mining, on the rise of commodities...

21 December 2021

EXIM Hungary closes most intense year in its 27-year operation

EXIM Hungary upped its lending activity and added new loan schemes to its product suites in 2021, and was also elected to the Berne Union Management Committee. TXF spoke...

16 November 2021

Top takeaways from TXF APAC Virtual

Last week, TXF welcomed global commodity finance dealmakers to our TXF APAC 2021 virtual conference to network and discuss the state of the market in the Asia-Pacific...

20 October 2021
Agri/Soft Commodities, Infrastructure, Metals and Mining, Other, Power, Renewables, Waste and water

ESG: Social gets some airtime in commodities

ESG was at the forefront of the discussion at the TXF Global Commodities event in Geneva. But it wasn’t just climate change and carbon neutrality on people’s minds. The...

04 October 2021

Expert opinion: Taking stock of trade finance funds regulation

Aidan Applegarth, managing director at Bankingwise, takes a closer look at the UK regulatory authorities’ bid to spotlight trade finance funds regulation. Funds should...

21 July 2021
Agri/Soft Commodities, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Other, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Stages for change: Epshteyn on working the other side of the same trade

“Commodities trade and finance contribute to a real economy, and it is empowering to feel as if you can enact a real change or understand how that change can be brought...

21 July 2021
Power, Renewables

The energy transition: Second hand isn’t always more sustainable

With oil majors responding to climate pressure by selling assets in a bid to slash emissions fast, emissions are merely being handed down to other companies – possibly...

28 June 2021

Making the right connections

You can count the number of true project financings for European and UK interconnectors on one hand. But following changes to regulation, and more expected to follow in...

13 May 2021
Infrastructure, Transport

Fallout of Suez blockage brings trail of claims

The Ever Given container ship has been ‘arrested’ and the Egyptian authorities are demanding massive compensation. And with the Japanese owners of the ship declaring...

06 May 2021
Infrastructure, Power, Transport

Decarbonising shipping: What gets measured gets managed

With 80% of world trade requiring shipping to one degree or another, it is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. So what can be done to facilitate the green...

29 March 2021

Guest opinion: Post-Greensill - pondering the rise and fall of ponderables

Peter Lugli, a supply chain finance expert and a veteran of Ariba, Amazon Business and Prime Revenue, takes a closer look at the financial engineering employed by...

10 March 2021

Guest opinion: Supply chain finance – reputation in tatters? Deserved or just deflection?

Supply chain finance and particularly payables finance is back in the spotlight after the news flow on Greensill. Is this the death knell for the product or is it a case...

09 March 2021

The fall of Greensill Capital: Lessons learned from a credit insurance perspective

Robert Deeley, managing director at PolFin, a specialist credit and political risk insurance broker, takes a closer look at the lessons industry practitioners can learn...

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