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04 May 2022

ECAs: Behind the methodology of sustainability

There is a need for collective definitions and methodologies to better interpret the multitude of existing sustainable frameworks to apply within export finance. TXF...

28 April 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Other

The harsh reality of the weaponisation of trade

With the war in Ukraine about to enter its third month, there is no sign of Russian military aggression abating. At the same time, turning off the gas tap to Poland and...

26 April 2022

Sustainability in export finance report 2021

TXF Intelligence’s third sustainability in export finance report makes clear what export finance professionals active in the market already know. Sustainability is moving...

20 April 2022
Metals and Mining, Renewables

The convergence of export & project finance: All roads lead to Lisbon

The who’s who of the export & project finance community have already booked their places to TXF Global/Proximo Europe 2022 in Lisbon from 7-9 June. Have you got your all...

19 April 2022
Metals and Mining, Oil & gas

Shop talk: Maxwer, an alternative to commodity bank funding

With financial institutions increasingly stepping back from trade finance, in particular supporting commodity SMEs, TXF spoke to Lilia Wernli, CEO and Partner at Maxwer...

07 April 2022
Power, Renewables

Sponsor profile: Breaking PLN’s 40GW threshold

With Indonesia’s newly revised 40GW-plus power procurement plan by 2030, project debt – and ECA support – is higher on PLN’s financing agenda in the wake of the pandemic....

06 April 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Other, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

ECA evolution needed to meet rising demand

The role of ECA support is changing amid a turbulent economic and geopolitical backdrop, and so many bad news events since the turn of the decade. ECA volumes and...

29 March 2022
Infrastructure, Oil & gas, Renewables

ECOFIN: Evolving EU export credit facilities

EU ministers are attempting to update the export finance product offering, with new instruments to better support EU exporters, reforms to the OECD Arrangement and baking...

28 March 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Metals and Mining, Power, Telecoms and Communications

Crunching the ECA numbers

With EPC and commodity costs rising globally, energy security concerns in Europe and parts of Asia lending added impetus to both short-term LNG and traditional renewables...

17 March 2022
Infrastructure, Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables

Sustainability vs reality: what does the data tell us?

As part of our virtual event, TXF Sustainable Export Finance and Resilient Infrastructure 2022, we hosted a session with Gabriel Buck from GBK Ventures to explore the...

09 March 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Transport

Will Russia issue a debt moratorium?

As Western sanctions against Russia ratchet up, international syndicated loan bankers assess the country’s financial quagmire, with one potential outcome being Russia...

03 March 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Other, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Analysis of export finance exposure to Russian markets

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has left project borrowers, international lenders, ECAs, and private insurers asking how much exposure they have to Russian CIS assets? TXF...

02 March 2022
Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Metals and Mining

Commodity trade: European banks most exposed to Russian risk

Russian and Ukrainian corporates have been the most active users of commodity trade finance since 2017, especially in the metals & mining sector, with European lenders...

01 March 2022
Oil & gas

ANOPC: A partial sovereign solution

Egypt’s state-owned oil refiner Assiut National Oil Processing Company sealed an innovative $1.5 billion ECA-covered loan to back the Assiut oil refinery expansion...

09 February 2022

Margin gauge: Turkish banks’ borrowing costs rise

Pricing guidance on the widely anticipated Akbank refinancing is as predicted – a slight jump on the borrower's 2021 deal. For international banks in search of yield,...

02 February 2022
Power, Renewables

Sustainability in export finance – the push for change

The volume of sustainable deals within the export finance sector is growing. But to take this forward positively across all industrial sectors a sensible debate with a...

31 January 2022
Power, Renewables

ADB’s ETM: Incentivising the retreat from coal

ADB’s Energy Transition Mechanism (ETM) – a funding vehicle to ‘phase out’ coal while scaling up renewables in southeast Asia – has lofty goals which pre-date COP26. But...

28 January 2022

EXIM Hungary: Old mission, new strategy, expanded role

EXIM Hungary’s new five-year strategy, which will run until 2026, anchors the Hungarian ECA’s future development in education and cooperation. TXF spoke with Gergely...

13 January 2022
Telecoms and Communications

Smile Telecoms senior lenders face wipeout in second restructuring

Smile Telecoms is arranging its second restructuring plan to avoid insolvency. But senior lenders to the group, including African Export-Import Bank, could be wiped out...

12 January 2022

TXF Local Export Vision 2021 takeaways

TXF’s series of local events around Europe at the end of last year prompted plenty of debate around ECA product and policy. The main takeaways from these hybrid sessions...